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You will find the answers to the more common questions here. Feel free to reach out via our contact form for any other questions.

What’s the minimum space available?

The minimum space available depend on the classification of cleanroom that you require, detailed as follows:

  • Grade D: minimum 20 square meters

  • Grade C: minimum 50 square meters

  • Grade B: minimum 20 square meters

Many clients require a combination of all three classifications for different process steps.

What is the minimum lease duration?

The minimum lease duration is 3 months but this is generally not enough time to perform process development, clinical trails or commercial operations. Most clients require the space for 12-18 months+

Do you provide manufacturing personnel?

No, we are not a Contract Manufacturing Organization (CMO) and do not provide staff to run your process. We provide all personnel to run the facility in a compliant manner but do not have operations staff. We can however connect you with select qualified service providers that could assist.

Do you have office space available?

Yes, we have office space available that can be leased as hot desks, dedicated desks or office suites as required. We can allocate adjacent hot desks to the same team so that they can collaborate easily and use meeting rooms for private discussions.

What about vendor management and warehousing?

We can support Vendor Qualification activities and have dedicated Supply Chain, Warehousing and Quality Assurance staff support these activities. We have agreements in place with qualified vendors and can provide a cost-effective solution for your consumable needs.

Do you supply manufacturing equipment?

No, we do not provide the processing equipment required to run your operation. We do however provide a Bio Safety Cabinet (BSC), Floor Scales, Stainless Steel Benches and qualified utility points to each cleanroom space as part of the lease.

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