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Our decentralized manufacturing facilities are located near existing life science business parks, incubators, or hospitals to provide the natural stepping stone to Clinical Trials and Commercialization. 

We are in the process of building, qualifying, and receiving HPRA, MHRA, and FDA certification for our GMP manufacturing spaces to support you from Product Development, through Clinical Trials and on to Commercial Manufacturing. You can lease as much or as little as you like with no long-term contracts. If you are expanding your operation you can simply lease more space.


Facility Drawing

We are currently in the design phase for our modern facility and we will ensure that it has everything that you need to launch and scale. We are incorporating best practices from the industry to ensure compliance with FDA, EU, and PIC/S requirements.


Grade D, C and B Cleanrooms

A range of Grade D, C, and B cleanroom spaces shall be available to clients which all include basic qualified processing equipment and utilities (e.g. Bio Safety Hood, Stainless Steel Benches, Scales, Electricity, Nitrogen, Carbon Dioxide, Oxygen, Mixed Gas)

Modern Kitchen in Workspace

Collaboration Spaces

Innovation and Collaboration are critical when developing new therapeutic products. In our facility, you will be surrounded by like-minded engineers, scientists, and entrepreneurs. We even have free coffee and treats, come get some!

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